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Charity, CASC and Specialist Accounting Services

We have dealt with charities for many years, both traditional charitable status and CASC (Community Amateur Sports Clubs).

Charity Accounting and Auditing

The independent viewpoint of a registered auditor helps charity trustees to ensure that their accounts are presented to the public as fairly representing what has happened in the accounting period. Our services provide an assurance that the trustees are maintaining proper financial records and that the accounts reflect those records. For charities with gross income over £25,000 in the accounting year, there is a legal requirement for external scrutiny.

Visit the Charity Commission website for more information about accounting and reporting requirements for charities.


Community Amateur Sports Clubs

The CASC scheme recognises that sports clubs play a valuable role in their communities. We can help local clubs register and operate this scheme, ensuring money that would otherwise have been lost to tax and business rates is kept in the club for the benefit of the community.


Estimates show that around £100 million per year is lost by sports clubs not registered as CASCs. To find out more about CASC status, contact Lyons and Co today.