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Business and Personal Accounting

Over two-thirds of Lyons and Co clients are limited companies. These include start-up ventures at pre-trading stage, self-employed, enterprises up to £35m turnover, and mature businesses looking for exit and disposal.

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We have significant sector experience as accountants, business advisors and auditors across all industry sectors, and particularly in construction, charities, road haulage and the legal profession.

Lyons and Co is a Registered Auditor

An audit is required if companies are above a certain size or if required by the shareholders or lenders. Many small practices have stopped offering this service as it is uneconomical for them. We carry out a range of audits for our own clients as well as for other accountants. We aim to add value to the audit and understand the client's business and their needs and often advise on other business matters identified during the audit.

Business Planning

In difficult economic times it is extremely important to carry out simple planning to ensure your business is viable and you are getting the best from your resources. We provide simple, easy to understand business planning that identifies where there is room for growth and improves efficiencies as well as the need for cost reductions.


Payroll Outsourcing

With an increased number of rules and changes to payroll, many of our clients use Lyons and Co as a payroll bureau. We take away the hassle of complying with the rules, ensure penalties are avoided, and simplify the whole process of calculating payroll and deductions, at very reasonable costs. Our payroll systems comply with new HMRC rules on Real Time Information, which will be introduced in April 2013.

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Tax Returns for Companies and Individuals

The completion of tax returns can be a daunting process for many people. A third of the population is asked to complete self assessment tax returns, but many people fall foul of penalties and interest because they don't understand the detail or filing procedure. We help clients gather the correct information and complete the return with minimum hassle. All company and personal returns are filed electronically with HMRC.

Business Acquisitions and Disposals

Over the past ten years we have helped many clients sell and purchase their businesses. We can carry out the whole process of finding potential buyers and sellers on a confidential basis, or enlist capital venture companies in the process. The client's needs are kept at the centre of the process with confidentiality, tax planning and maximising the sale proceeds or minimising the purchase cost being considered all of the time. We also help the business to continue trading with minimum disruption during the transaction period.